James Bryant

I’m a 26 year old Australian living in Vancouver and making the mobile web a better place with the talented team at Mobify

Progressive Reduction

By Allan Grinshtein

This article is a couple of months old now but the concept is one that I just can’t stop thinking about when working on new user interfaces. While it is only suited to interfaces that receive repeated use by users, it’s a brilliant way to reduce the cognitive load and real estate of an interface as the user becomes more familiar with the app’s iconography and workflow.

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Round Circles in Illustrator

As ridiculous as the title sounds, one of Illustrator’s biggest weaknesses when it comes to exporting rendered assets is that way that it renders the edges of small circles. While my solution in essence is a patch to a problem that I hope Adobe addresses with the next release of Creative Cloud, I do have a very easy, scalable and non-destructive method to make circles in Illustrator round.

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Starters Guide to iOS Design

By Ben Taylor

Where was this article when I needed it? This is a neatly packaged guide to the fundamentals of iOS design that would normally take months of trial, error and googling. If somewhere asks you for a good place to start, send them here.

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First Post

For the longest time I’ve been a reader and a listener. I’ve recently moved to the opposite side of the world, from Australia to Canada, so what better time to start something new, to finally start this blog that I’ve been mulling over for the last 12 months.

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