As Lead Designer at Tropixel
Company • V2i

An interactive web app for online training.

What makes this online learning platform unique from other platforms is the use of highly detailed 3D models that users could interact with directly in a web browser through WebGL. It really helps bridge the gap to help educate and assess visual learners. The bonus was that the interactions were not only engaging but enjoyable, which is a rare quality for a testing software to have.


  • Wireframing
  • Mockups of Rendered Design

Engaging the Learner

It was noted by V2i’s research that learner engagement was a huge factor in developing a successful learning experience. We aimed to address this with making their progress as visual as possible. Without delving too much into ‘gamification’, I made use of a distinct colour system that immediately gave the user a sense of accomplishment when they completed a task or quiz.

The use of progress bars and indicators gave great feedback to the user as to how much they had completed. I think video games do a great job of this and I wanted to trying adopt that experience as much as possible.

Feedback for the Trainers

Making this a great tool for the trainers was also a high level objective. With so much data being collected on user engagement and interactions we wanted to visualize the information as much as possible to give the trainers a clear understanding of how successful their material is in educating users. Not only are the learners tested for their efficiency but also the learning material for its effectiveness.